Hudson Blue – Working Hard OR Hardly Working?

I just returned home from my new job volunteering at Lakeside Senior Center, and boy am I tired! I met so many people over the course of 1 hour… Licking many of the seniors’ hands (many of who are wheelchair bound and with varying stages of dementia), snuggling up with them in their wheelchairs and/or beds (with permission, of course), and just making many of them smile with my charisma and charm – AND stealing a few kisses on their chins and cheeks 😏, while trying to be on my best behavior – WORE ME OUT! Plus, it’s my nap time… Yep, I AM only 7.5 months old and still take 2 long naps per day… AND, carry a stuffed animal around quite often… AND, cry like a baby when my mom leaves me with others… PLEASE don’t tell anyone 🤫🤫🤫. BUT, I have a job. A job I think I am really going to like. (I am a working breed after all). I get paid in lots of oohs, aahs, smiles, pets, snuggles, and an occasional dog treat, for doing what I love – giving/receiving affection. I overheard the Director tell my mom that I made one of the long-term residents smile for the first time in years! (Just by licking his hands and nuzzling his neck). THAT you can tell others 😘.

Hi, my name is HUDSON BLUE, and I am an affection junkie!

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