Oh, Slovenia, YOU are so BEAUTIFUL to me…

If this was just the scenery en route from Bled to Kranjska Gora, I can’t wait to see what the Gorenjska Region and the Vršič Pass look like… Although I am betting The Dude (aka dad) is hoping that I won’t be too enamored  I give him a TON of kudos for being such a trooper as he has probably seen more nature in the past few days than he has seen in the past several years, experienced me attempting to drive w/ the crazy Slovene drivers through the Julian Alps, eaten & drank things he has never heard of or wouldn’t try on his own (he loved the Miklic’s home brewed blueberry schnapps that I ordered for him), and walked many more miles than he would like. Thank goodness he hasn’t quite figured out his fitbit and has it set to only measure steps and not miles 🙂

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