That BEAUTIFUL Red Bridge

Another perfect day… Exploring the SF coastline w/ friends… No matter how often I see the coastline, skyline, landscape, etc, I am still awestruck by its undeniable BEAUTY… Why I LOVE the Bay Area…

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One… Several… HAPPINESS

One afternoon… One city trail… One red bridge… Several beaches… Several good friends… HAPPINESS… My love affair continues..

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It Is ALL About the View

10 avid adventurers planning on a hike… 1 overslept, a few needed sleep, 1 sprained an ankle, and a few played nursemaid… SO……… then there were 3, who decided to spend the day visiting a few hot spots along the NCAL coastline… Muir Beach & Overlook, Pirate’s Cove, Tennessee Cove… And a few well-known trails … Fox Trail, Green Gulch Trail, Coastal Trail… And 1 lesser known, and newly re-named “Forbidden Trail” – thanks to Roxana.

**Who knew that “Area Closed. Stay ON Trail” meant NOT this trail???** That’s MY defense and I am sticking to it b/c IT IS ALL ABOUT THE VIEW. And there were quite FABULOUS views 🙂

My “selective” understanding of signs sometimes comes in handy… Although I don’t think I will get away with it much longer as Roxana is on to me 🙂

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Buda vs. Pest???

Buda vs. Pest??? Thus far, the Dude (aka dad) and I have been completely won over by Pest… The energy, fabulous restaurants, lively art & music scene, and remarkable nightlife has tipped the scale so much that we wish we could extend our stay past this weekend. There is still sooooo much to discover… The charm of Buda… More ruin bars… Hungary’s history (NOT from a US perspective)… The baths… The fantastic views of the Danube from all around the city…

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