sights… sounds… smells… the beach SCENE

sights… sounds… smells… the beach SCENE

2013-Apr-24 Baracoa, Guantánamo, Cuba: The name Baracoa is an Indian word meaning ‘existence of the sea.’ Getting there was quite a feat… The 3 hour route from Holguin to Moa consisted of a 2 lane, partially paved road shared by lots of donkey/horse/oxen driven carts, bikes (manual and motor), bicitaxis, pedestrians, roosters and chickens, goats, a few classic cars, an occasional stray dog, and two wild pigs. The countryside was rugged yet lush with vegetation and very beautiful. The 70km journey from Moa to Baracoa proved to be quite a challenge due to horrific road conditions. However, the picturesque Baracoa was well worth the very treacherous 4 hour drive from Moa.


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