More BREATHTAKINGLY beautiful scenery and INCREDIBLY kind people!


The Dude (aka dad) and I encountered quite SPLENDID views throughout our journey over the Vršič Pass and thru the Julian Alps visiting the areas of Kranjska Gora, Bovec, and Bohinj Bistreca/Mount Vogel. Even the Dude has snapped a photo or two  Unfortunately, most of the REMARKABLE scenery throughout our visit to the Alps will only be etched in our memories (vs captured on film) as the Slovene highway in the Julian Alps consists merely of a single, incredibly narrow road that is to accommodate traffic in both directions, despite only being 2 Smart cars wide (most drive full-size cars) – and has certainly NO space to pull over.

I must comment that the Dude and I are quite impressed by the driving talents of the Slovenes, who it seems have mastered the switchbacks and hairpin turns at INCREDIBLY high rates of speed, while avoiding accidents with oncoming traffic and the countless motorcyclists, cyclists, and hikers who also occupy the road. Although Slovenia is best experienced traveling by car, if you plan a visit (primarily in the Alps) you might want to practice your skills at your local speedway first – and make certain that neither you nor your passengers are prone to motion sickness…

I want to extend a special thank you to the older gentleman living in the TEENY TINY town of Kal-Koritnica (population ~125) whose yard we walked by en route to our car after the completion of a hike up in the hills to see some WWI artifacts. He INSISTED we take at least a dozen of his freshly picked plums to replenish our energy… Such unexpected kindness but greatly appreciated!!

Next stop – wine tasting in the Goriška Brda region…

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