sights… NATURAL Beauty…

sights… NATURAL Beauty…

2013-09-14 Cotopaxi Volcano, Andes Mountains, Ecuador: Cotopoxi is one of the highest ACTIVE volcanoes in the world, at a height of 5,897m (19,347 ft). It typically has a major eruption every 100 years, and the last major eruption was in the early 1900s. So, yes, it is a bit overdue… Thankfully, Mother Nature played nice.

We managed to reach the glacier at 5,000m (16,400 ft) just before the biting wind and hail started. Take it from me, going from sea level to hiking at ~16K feet the following few days probably wasn’t the smartest idea… My heart and lungs definitely got quite the workout from the high altitude/very thin air.

I finished off my adventure with a 10km mountain bike ride down the volcano to Laguna Limpiopungo. Talk about an EXHILIRATING day!


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